Chess Online
A beautiful online game that you can play directly on the site. Immediately striking is its multilingualism and the ability to change complexity ...

Chess vs Computer
Play classic online chess with a computer.

3D Chess
Nice 3D chess online, which you can play without registration. You can play both against the computer and together with a friend. Also, the game does NOT require an outdated Flash plugin and can be launched on your phone or tablet directly in the browser.

Classic Chess free online
Classic chess against computer online, does not require a flash plugin. You can play on any device - smartphone, computer, tablet.

2 Players Chess
2 Players Chess is a classic online chess with a good level of play, and a pleasant interface, does not require a flash plugin.

Chess vs PC online
Chess vs PC - have 3 levels of difficulty, the design of the board resembles the classics, does not require a flash plugin.


Grandmaster Chess
These chess suits a wide circle of fans of the ancient game. Those of them who do not have enough gaming experience will like the hint system

This program, first of all, can be recommended to beginners in the world of chess who want to improve their game level. In fact, you can say that Chessimo is your personal trainer ...

Chess for Windows 10
Great chess, in fact, it is the Portable version of the rather voluminous game Fritz. From which various comments, music and other "unnecessary things" were removed ...

Mini Chess
Одна из множества ей подобных шахматных программ. Однако у неё есть свои неоспоримые достоинства, среди которых новизна, приятное оформление, в том числе и звуковое.

Shredder Classic
Shredder Classic Chess v1.1 - the Shredder program is probably familiar to most fans of the old game, especially the part that often plays on the computer.

Chess 3D
3D is everywhere! This version is intended primarily for lovers of 3D and all sorts of innovations. 3D is what sets this program apart from a cohort of its kind.

Partner Chess
Previously, a very, very, very long time a correspondence game was popular among chess players. Like this? That's how. I want to make the move E2-E4. I write it on a piece of paper ...

Chess for kids
Teaching a child to play chess is not a trivial process. Everything is quite complicated here, and the gradualness, and the dosage of the material

Queen - Of course, it would be too bold to proclaim this game the queen of chess games, but definitely this game is worthy of our attention.

Elite Chess
Elite Chess - A wonderful program, the main highlight of which is its multilingualism. But this is only the beginning, and there is still a nice interface

BoxChess - a program from the series "mini". She, of course, will not be able to boast of a high class game, awesome effects and other "beautiful things".

Nagasaki Chess
Nagasaki is a free, fully functional version. You have a choice of 10 opponents with different levels of the game. From a beginner to a pretty decent pro.

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